"I’m no queen. I’m no leader. I’m just a girl who lost her parents, ran away into the woods and became a bandit."

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Snow White Appreciation Week

Day 6 - Favorite outfits

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snowing appreciation week | day five

favorite family moment: 3x22 

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Snowing Appreciation Week

Day 6: Favourite Land

Fairytale Land! For pretty reasons.

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Snowing Appreciation Week Favorite Land: The Enchanted Forest

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O U A T  M E M E
[5/12] characters - Snow White

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If true love was easy, we’d all have it.

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↳ day seven» most happiest moments.
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Snowing Appreciation Week- Day 5: Favorite Family Moment

This is my favorite family moment because even though they have always been a family this is the first time really Emma accepts it & lets them in as her parents. This is when she decides that this is home, that being with her parents is home.

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